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95301(Exhale valve version)

■ Suitable for ordinary daily protective masks for civilian use, non-medical

■ According to the standard in GB 2626-2006 6.3, the required filtration efficiency is ≥95%.    

■ The exhalation valve that opens one way will close when inhaling; when exhaling, the pressure inside the mask is greater than the pressure outside the mask, the valve plate can automatically open, which helps reduce the resistance of exhalation, discharge moisture and heat, and block the outside Particulate matter improves the wearing comfort of the mask.     

■ The outer layer is washable, anti-wrinkle, easy to maintain

■ The filter layer uses a high-strength ePTFE microporous film composite material, and uses its high-filtering and low-resistance physical structure to filter fine particles in the air, which has a more stable filtration efficiency.

■ The inner layer is made of soft non-woven fabric, which is skin-friendly and comfortable.

■ According to the professional test report, no formaldehyde was detected in the outer and inner layers of the mask, which is environmentally friendly.                          

■ Three-dimensional cutting, retaining a large cavity, fitting the facial curve, suitable for a variety of face shapes.

■ Soft and elastic adjustment buckle,no tightness on the ears.

■ Individually sealed packaging,clean and hygienic