Supield Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is an advanced technology apparel brand focusing on the development and use of new textile materials; it has established a new material research and development center and a supply chain center in Shanghai, China; at the same time, it has a number of invention patents and is doing it globally R & D cooperation and market layout.

Aerogel cold and heat insulation technology:

a special aerogel composite thermal insulation material for textiles. We named it S • Kistler (Lanqire), this new material solves the problem that aerogel cannot be used in the textile industry for the past 50 years. Light and breathable, resistant to humidity and cold, washable, it has opened up a new field of clothing insulation materials.

Fluoride-free super-hydrophobic anti-fouling technology:

supield technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly developed a super-hydrophobic process, textiles using this technology can achieve grade 5 waterproof, with excellent super-hydrophobic properties, and for life such as juice, milk, tomatoes Juice and other water-based stains have excellent detachment effect, while taking into account the breathability.

Intelligent temperature control technology:

The thickness of the carbon nano film is 5 microns, and the weight is 5 grams per square meter. It exceeds the softness of silk, and can be perfectly hidden in the fabric by heat pressing or sewing. Tensile strength 200+, controller over-current and over-temperature, protection software and hardware multiple protection, to prevent damage caused by abnormal conditions, skin heating, to prevent low temperature burns.

Nano microporous filter-film technology:

A high-filtration low-resistance nano-membrane composite material. The surface has a spider-web-type micropore structure with hundreds of millions of micropores per square centimeter, so the surface has a good filtering function, and the filtering is tested according to the (KN95) standard requirements in GB 2626-2006 6.3 The efficiency is ≥95%, and it can be washed and disinfected.

Nano-powder functional fiber technology:

the biomass series selects high-quality natural plant stems and leaves, extracts the natural plant essence through high-tech extraction technology, and adds it to the spinning dope to give textiles specific functions. Main application areas: health care physiotherapy, sunscreen and anti-mosquito, microcapsule slow-release, cool heat storage, light temperature change, etc.

Simulating the naturally ”lotus leaf effect”,most liquids are free to roll down the surface of the fabric

A piece of fabric can have both super-hydrophobic and high breathability

Super-hydrophobic effect can be achieved on a variety of fabric surfaces

Liquid direction and fabric can slip in a 165° direction to avoid wet clothing

This is a special aerogel composite thermal insulation material for textiles. We named it S·Kistler,light and breathable

3mm s.kistler material can block the low temperature damage of dry ice, the warmth performance is self-evident

Structure diagram of s.kistler material under electron microscope

The user climbs the snow mountain wearing supield aerospace series of clothing made of s.kistler material

Using nano-scale carbon fiber heating wire, the heating material is as soft as the normal fabric, and it can't be felt in the clothes. Can be bent freely, without disassembly, directly washed